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Kia Carnival
Meet Mr. Brown. Born and raised in opulence, his life is sheer Extravagance and he loves every bit of it. Just like the CARNIVAL which stands a class apart with Its opulent interiors, ornate looks and features to aspire for. Are you Ready to Experience Sheer Extravagance?
Kia Carnival Price in Chennai
There is no one as Extravagant as Mr. Brown! Just like the Kia Carnival, which is designed to be a treat to your senses. Replete with exuberant features, it is nothing but #SheerExtravagance on wheels!
Inspired by the BADASS in You!
Inspired by the BADASS in You! #KiaSeltos- India’s most awaited SUV with aesthetically crafted interiors & smart technology. Bookings open soon! But what on earth is this @Meerkat_me doing here? #KiaSeltos #ProjectBadass #TigerVsMeerkat #ThePowerToSurprise
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Grand Kia Carnival Mass Delivery
We Capital KIA are Proud to Deliver the Grand Kia Carnival at our #Kia showroom. We had done a Mass delivery of the KIA Carnival in our OMR Showroom today. We were the first in the City to Deliver such a huge number of KIA Carnivals. The event was a grand gala with colourful decors and music and the customers had a very joyous time. A few customers talking about their experience had termed it as ‘Memorable’ in a single word.
Models Videos
Kia Seltos Inspired by the badass in you
Kia Seltos Inspired by the badass in you
Kia Motors - Seltos World Premiere
Kia Motors - Seltos World Premiere
Sleek lines, Carefully crafted design and Scintillating features
A real badass by design. Stay tuned as pre-booking open Now.